Hana - A Male Masturbator with mouth

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Masturbation is no sin; it is the most wonderful thing you can ever do with yourself. In fact, it is said that an individual, who knows how to please himself, can please his partner as well. Thus, we bring you the most delightful experience you can ever have in your life - the male masturbator size oral, which can relieve you anytime and anywhere. Hana is made of ultra soft and body-safe TPE material, with super real inner structure. Cover with a simple and discreet ABS shell, you can take it anywhere with you without being noticed. The dimensions off the male masturbator are fit enough to accept all dicks and large tongue that wants to be perform a CJ or decide to dig deep with their fingers. You can't just get a oral sex toy with good dimensions like this one . Soft skin and realistic inner texture of the male masturbator.
Its soft custom made and inner texture makes you forget that it's a toy and treasure its fuck. Ejaculating much more faster than those other rough live pussy. The soft feeling that you have never felt even when you fuck a model, it was designed according to the ordinary female mouth, it will fit your size perfectly and gives you realistic oral sex feeling.

Product Name: Hana
Material: ABS shell & Ultra soft TPE material
Size: Φ3.15*8.07inches
Weight: 13 oz

1) Keep it clean and neat before and after use,simply with soap and water or rinse off;
2) Please use it with lube and use the masturbator with condoms for your safe sex;
3) Wash, dry and save it carefully.
4) Insert penis into the toy until orgasm and ejaculation
5) Take it out of the sex toy

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