Pippa Rechargeable and Waterproof Vibrator for Woman

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1.About Product Introduction: This wand massager is perfect sculpted to enhance the sexual experience with overall length of 7.8 inches and round head, which makes it easier to hit the G-spot. Also, the tip is suitable for thrilling and teasing the clitoris, your partner can massage all your erogenous areas by using this wand vibrator for woman. It has round concave points with continuous bounce, ramp vibration brings breathtaking and overwhelming pleasure you never experienced before,

2. Product specification:
●Brand: ZEMALIA Global UK Limited
●Material: Medical Grade Silicone
●Size: Φ1.4*1.8*7.8 inches
●Weight: 5 oz 3.

●1) Keep it neat and clean before and after use
●2) Only water-based lube is suitable to enhance the pleasure
●3) Wash and store it in dry place away from moisture if not in use.
●4) For best experience and safety, please avoid using it while charging. 

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